Making a monthly income with Task 360

I’ve blogged previously about how task based apps such as Task 360 can’t be relied upon for a regular income because the tasks themselves aren’t regular. There is, currently, one exception to that. Every four weeks Task 360 run their blades tasks, and these feature the same task and the same stores each time. This allows you to establish a regular routine, doing the same stores every four weeks. This blog post will examine how to complete these tasks and maximise your income.

Next Blades Tasks go live on Friday 6th January.You can find the latest dates of the tasks by checking our Google calendar.

What does it involve?

Simply put you visit a store, either a supermarket or a health care store such as Boots, check the stock of a certain brand of razor blades, take a few photos and get paid £6. It really is that easy. Once you’ve got into the habit of it then you can complete each job in as little as five minutes + travelling time. I can easily do 5 store visits an hour which equates to £30 an hour.

The blades tasks are available 4-8 on a Friday (reserve from 3pm) and then 12-4 on a Saturday and a Sunday (reserve from 11am). Once T360 have hit their target for each store group then the jobs will all disappear. The job can only be completed once per store, although you can complete as many stores as you can fit in.

How do I do it?

Step 1:

Download the Task 360 app and register. You can download it here. Remember that this is iOS only.


Open the ‘Find Tasks’ screen to find all the tasks local to you.


Step 2:

At 3pm on the Friday open the app. You’ll see on the ‘Find Tasks’ screen all of the available tasks around your location. Have a quick browse around and figure out which stores you can reasonably get to within a couple of hours. Once you’ve done the task a couple of times you’ll be able to plan a regular route and get to know what the traffic is like.
I tend to work in the opposite direction to traffic. I start at the outskirts of Sheffield, then head in towards the city centre and then back out again towards the M1. This way I miss the worst of the traffic and so maximise the number of jobs I can complete by reducing my travelling time.

wp-1483541304958.png Click ‘reserve’ at the bottom of a task to make it yours.

Step 3:

Reserve the tasks you will complete. Do this by clicking on the appropriate pin, and then clicking reserve at the bottom of the task information.

You cannot start completing the tasks until 4pm,and you have three hours from the time you reserve it to complete it. The first time I would recommend reserving no more than four stores. If you get those completed then you can always reserve any more, but if you fail to complete them then you run the risk of having your task 360 account restricted.

I always reserve the tasks in the order I’ll do them. This maximises the amount of time you have to complete them and ensures you have the longest time allocated to the job furthest away. I don’t usually start at home either as reserving at 3pm gives you an hour to travel to the first store before you begin the job.

Choose the correct once you arrive at the location.

Step 4

Once you have reserved tasks they appear in the ‘My Tasks’ of the app.

When you arrive at the store select the correct task from the My Tasks menu. All you need to do then is to find the grooming care section of the store,  follow the instructions on the task, take the required photos and submit the task. You can repeat this over and over again.

You usually have to take a photo of the outside of the store at the end – don’t forget this bit. I have sometimes and have had to drive back to the store to complete it, wasting time and money!

Once you’ve done this then you can submit the task via the app. You do need a data connection to do this, so if you don’t have a SIM in your iPhone/iPad, as I don’t, you’ll have to hotspot off another device. Lots of stores have free wifi but this isn’t always reliable.

It’s worth having a prepared excuse in case a shop worker asks what you’re doing. These jobs are supposed to be covert, and although I’ve never been asked doing these sort of jobs when challenged for other apps I’ve always said that I’m doing a uni project and gathering some data for my dissertation. Nobody ever seems to question it!

Step 5:

Check your profile to see when the tasks have been approved (typically this won’t be until the following week as tasks usually only get accepted on working says). Once you’ve had more than one approved you can cash out by clicking the ‘request payment’ link. If you haven’t cashed out before it will ask you to enter your bank details, if you’ve previously cashed out then you just need to confirm your details. Payment runs usually take place so it may take up to 10 days for the money to reach your bank account. It’s often faster than this though.

The history view shows which tasks have been approved or rejected.
On the balance view you can request a payout and see how much you’ve earned so far

Finally, it’s worth following Task 360 on Twitter and Facebook and enabling notifications for updates from them so you get informed of all the other brilliant tasks they have throughout the week.

Frequently asked questions

What do if I do if it says I’m too far away from the location and my submission may be rejected? 

Check to make sure the store you are in matches the address on the task. If it does then go ahead and complete it anyway. The GPS data provided by the client isn’t always accurate. As long as you’re in the correct shop then you’re good to go. 

What do I do if the product doesn’t have a space on the shelf?

If the product isn’t ranged (I.e it isn’t normally sold by the store rather than just being out or stock) then mark it is as ‘No’  when asked if it is in stock. You should then provide more information in the final question of the task when you are asked if you have anything further to add. 


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