Finding Half An Hour EVERY Day

Be Happier

As part of my New Year plan I’ve set myself an aim to ‘Be Happier‘. One of the things I’m planning on doing is making sure I have the minimum half an hour for myself, every day. That’s half an hour without messing about on my phone, my computer or facebook/etc. It won’t involve something that feels like ‘work’ and it should be a treat. It’ll half an hour where I can focus on me, relax and, potentially, practice mindfulness.

Because I don’t work regular hours it’s impossible to set a specific time where my half an hour will be mine – instead I’m going to have to make an extra special effort to find time each day to do something.

My Treat List:

  1. Read several chapters of a favourite or new book
  2. Listen to an entire album of music
  3. Have a cup of tea in the garden
  4. Take a walk with the dog
  5. Do the crossword
  6. Plan and write a blog post
  7. Read a magazine

It’s important to find time to reflect and relax. It allows your body to ‘file’ away thoughts and memories that are circling around your brain. It also helps you live mindfully. It gives you an anchor into the real world, allowing you to focus on the here and now and prevent yourself whittling away at the worries that blight those of us suffering from anxiety and depression.

It’s also key to do different things each day, it helps keep your brain on the ball and keeps your special half an hour fresh and engaging.

How to make my ‘half hour’ happen:

In order to try and make my half-hour happen each day I’ve found a handy app called ‘Loop Habits Tracker’. This app allows you add your own habits – or half-hour treats – and then track when and how often you carry them out. I’ve only been using it a few days, but I’ll post a full review once I’ve been using it for a big longer.

You can find the android version of the app here. Currently no iOS version is available but the app is open source and prime for a port.

Do you have any suggestions for a special half hour? Post them in the comments below.

(Image mine from flickr)


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