Can you really make an extra £1000 in January?

The Challenge

I have posted before about a website called TheMoneyShed. It’s been incredibly useful for me in finding ways to supplement my income, whether through matched betting, apps or mystery shopping. However, in conjunction with KatyKicker, they’re making a very big claim:

Taking part in @katykicker AMAZING 30 Day Money Making Boot Camp as she takes you through earning an extra £1000 throughout the month?

Of course you are…

If you’re in then just say I WANT AN EXTRA £1000 IN JANUARY below!!

The most I’ve ever been able to earn extra in month is around £600 and this has primarily been from apps such as Task360 and Field Agent. Jobs in the so called gig economy can be great for earning extra money, but they can’t be relied on for a regular source of income. Some clients run regular tasks. such as the Blades tasks on T360 which run every four weeks, but most are irregular and therefore some months can bring in nothing.

I’m therefore really interested in how they’re going to help people earn a £1000 in January. Currently over 400 people have signed up to take part and that would be an extra £400 000 earned. Is there really that amount of money floating around in the gig economy?

Is it possible?

On balance I think earning an extra £1000 is possible, but unless you’re incredibly dedicated then I think you’re more likely to earn a few hundred. That said I’m going to have a go and I am aiming to earn an extra £1000 and use it towards a holiday. KatyKicker and TheMoneyShed are definitely  trustworthy websites, having been featured in several online publications such as The Sun.

How will it work?

Katy has stated that she will use a variety of methods that won’t involve you spending a penny up front. You can therefore be assured that this is risk-free money making:

Every thing I am writing about is free to start, besides matched betting where you need a float. I’m talking about lots of the methods that I use, and other long standing members of TMS. Also, a couple of new things (newish) that people here don’t use as much, plus money saving too. A bit of a money overhaul :)

How do I get involved?

If you’re interested in taking part you can give it a go on their special sub-forum.

You can also follow Katy’s blog at

(Image courtesy of MarcMo on Flickr)


3 thoughts on “Can you really make an extra £1000 in January?

  1. Thanks so much for the mention – the first day is live now! Not everyone will make 1k but even if I just motivate people through the month I’ll be really happy!


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