Money For Old Rope: Easy to Earn Cashback

In the second part of the series on Money For Old Rope we look at earning cashback on your every day spending. We would never encourage anybody to spend, this is about getting rewarded for what you would spend anyway.

Quidco High Street Cashback

Quidco Cashback




Quidco High Street is probably the easiest way to earn money whilst you’re out shopping as after the original registration process you don’t need to do anything. First of all you need to register on Quidco (using this link will earn you and this site £1.25 for registering and earning your first £5)

Once you’re registered then you just need to activate Quidco High Street on your account, add your credit and debit cards to your account (this information is stored securely) and wait for the cashback to come rolling in. Retailers such as ArgosHotel ChocolatDebenhamsGAP and many more offer up to 5% cashback on your everyday spending.

Go shopping and let the money come rolling in. Quidco make payments directly into your bank account upon your request.

Checkout Smart Cashback (iOS/Android App)

CheckoutSmart CashbackCheckout Smart requires a bit more effort than Quidco High Street but if you have 5 minutes to spare before and after each grocery shop then the cashback will come rolling in.

Once you’ve installed the app on your phone then you can browse the offers available. These range from a free product in certain supermarkets or money off some of the regular items you buy. Check the app before you go out for any bargain offers on your usual items. You complete your shop as normal, then when you get home take a photo or two of your receipt and the cashback is added to your account.

You can withdraw your earnings at any time, but withdrawals below £20 are charged a 5% processing fee.

GeoTask Location Based Cashback (iOS/Android App)

GeoTask CashbackThis is another REALLY easy way of earning extra, and although the rewards are small there are lots of opportunities to enhance them.

GeoTask uses the location of your phone to report back anonymous statistics to GeoTask HQ. This data is then used to help inform retailers on shoppers habits. You earn 10 points for every day the app is active and this can then be turned into cashback. Every 3000 points can be redeemed for a £3 paypal payment or can be donated to charity. Extra points can be earned by completing opinion surveys from the app and referring a friend. Each referral who provides 30 days of data to GeoTask will earn you £1.00.

There are also weekly and monthly draws where you can win paypal cash or high street shopping vouchers.


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