Making Money: Field Agent Review


Field Agent – Review (iOS only)

Field Agent ScreenshotWhat is Field Agent?

Like Task 360, Field Agent is an app for iOS that allows you to complete a variety of paid tasks. Indeed FA is very similar to T360 as it is run by the same company. The same team run, process and approve jobs and so everything works in a very similar way.



Field Agent ScreenshotWhat sort of tasks do they offer?

There is some cross over on jobs between FA and T360, but generally the jobs that appear on FA tend to be slightly longer, more of a ‘mystery shop’ style activity and tend to be slightly better rewarded.

Some examples of recent tasks involve:

  • Monthly blades tasks where you carry out an audit of stock on the shelves for a major brand typically £5 a job
  • Drinks dispenser audits where you visit a pub, bar etc and check to see which soft drinks brand is used typically £4 a job
  • Digital Panel Audit – Cinema where you visit a cinema with a letter of authority and take a few photos of a digital advertising board typically £7.50 a job
  • FSDU delivery
    & assembly where you have a display unit delivered to your home and have to visit a store, with a letter of authority, assemble it and put stock on it typically £10 a job

Field Agent ScreenshotAgain there are regular jobs such as the blades audit which occur every 4 weeks and the dates of which are published in advance on the Field Agent Facebook page.
You can reserve jobs without leaving the house and there is often a long reserve time to allow you to plan a route and maximise your income. On a Friday night it’s possible to earn upwards of £50 from the blades tasks, especially if you can double up with other tasks such as battery audits etc.




How do I get paid?
Field Agent ScreenshotField Agent used to be PayPal only – but recently they’ve added bank transfer and this is now their primary method. They don’t cash out as frequently as T360 and this sometimes slows payments down. Jobs don’t get approved on a weekend, so if you’re doing blades on a Friday night it can be up to two weeks before the money reaches your bank

Where do I find out more?

You should visit and like their Field Agent Facebook page, follow their twitter account and download the App from the app store. You can also find more information on their website.


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