The Money Shed – A Free £5 this month

There are many ways to supplement your income and The Money Shed is probably the best place on the web to discover new money making streams and to check to make sure you aren’t getting involved a ponzi scheme or a giant scam.

You can view other people’s Money Earning Diaries, check out the different threads in the Earn Money Online forum, find a load of ways to save money but also share your monthly progress with other TMS members. For this month only Jon is giving people who join the monthly money making challenge £5 just for taking part. Find out more here.

The threads are a great way of seeing how the Shedders make their money during the month allowing you to pick up tips and to increase your earning potential massively. As somebody who has been a member of TMS for over a year I can’t take part, and I don’t earn any money for pointing you in that direction – but who can refuse a free £5?


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