Making Money: Task 360 App Review

Task 360 – Review (iOS only)

What is it?

Task 360 ScreenshotTask 360 is an app available on iPhone and iPad. Tasks appear on the app which you complete in return for a short fee. You can then cash the money out direct into your bank account.






What sort of tasks do they offer?

Task 360 ScreenshotThere’s a huge variety of tasks on the app:

  • shop audits where you take a photo of a shelf or a display covertly and provide some information on prices, availability etc typically £4.50 a job
  • billboard audits where you take a photo of advertising hoardings, report any dam
    ge etc typically £4.50 a job
  • Street locations where you have to find a specific location, take a few photos and upload the data typically £4.50 a job
  • Cinema audits where you have to print off a letter of authority, pick up an audit sheet, upload to T360 and drop off a new audit sheet typically £8.00 a job

Many of these are regular tasks, billboard jobs normally appear every other Monday morning, whereas the cinema audits appear every Monday morning. You can also Task 360 Screenshotcomplete many jobs of each type depending on how many appear in your area.

Task 360 Screenshot
The biggest advantage of T360 is that you can reserve tasks without leaving the house. There’s usually a two hour window once you’ve reserved a task in which you can complete it. Using the map built into the app you can plan a route and know that once you get to a location the job is yours and won’t have been snapped up by anybody else. Doing this you can easily earn £100 a day depending on your location.



How do I get paid?

TTask 360 Screenshotask 360 pay directly into your bank account. You provide them with your sort code and account number and once you’ve chosen to cash-out then they will add you into their next payment run. Typically T360 pay out on a Monday and it will appear in your bank account by the following Wednesday.

They do not take a fee from you – so what you earn per each job is yours to keep (although you may need to register as self-employed and pay tax on your earnings to HMRC).

There is a minimum pay out of £10 before you can request a cash-out


Task 360 Screenshot
Anything else?

Task 360 is a run by the same company as Field Agent which will be covered in our next blog post. They have a fantastic support team that offers on the job support through the app and through their Facebook page where they keep Taskers up-to-date on upcoming jobs.

They are easily the best app out there, they look after the people who complete their jobs and it’s very rare to have a job rejected.


Where do I find out more?

You should visit and like their Task 360 Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and download the App  from the App Store. You can also check out the FAQ page on their website.


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