Getting Out: Making Money

I’ve blogged previously about how you have to face your fears about anxiety and depression. I’ve also made the point that it’s easier said than done. You need motivation to get out, and leaving the house and doing new things is an important step in dealing with and improving your mental health.

I don’t believe that money should be a driver in your life – happiness and your health is far more important. However money can act as a motivation, and being rewarded for doing new things can help motivate you to get out and about. One of the ways you can do this is by supplementing your income through mystery shopping style jobs. I’m therefore going to write a series of blog posts (I’m aiming for one a week – that’ll provide me motivation!) on apps, websites and other ways you can get out and earn a bit of cash and at the same time introduce some new experiences into your life.

Stay tuned.


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