Goodbye 2008… Hello 2009!

Building on yesterday’s blog post I thought I’d share some of my favourite blogs/bloggers from 2008.

One of the most pertinent blogs of the last year was that of Robert Peston, the BBC’s Business Editor. He predicted the current economic crises, so crudely named the ‘credit crunch’, long before many of the banking fraternity. His way with words and his grasp of the market means he can explain the most difficult concepts in the easiest terms. If you’re at all interested in the economy it’s a daily read.

2009 is going to be the year everybody tries to save their pennies and if you haven’t heard of Quidco before, now is the time to head over there and check it out. Quidco are a cashback co-operative. Many online merchants and services offer a payment to other websites who can pass business on to them, Quidco passes this money back on to their members. You can earn money for nearly everything you buy online. Sometimes money is available for doing nothing, and because this is time limited then the Quidblog is the best place to keep on top of things.

As you might have noticed from yesterday’s post I’m a bit of a language geek. I love words, I love what we do with words and I love how we do it. I discovered this blog halfway through 2008 and I check it almost daily to see if it has been updated. His book on the English Language is my bible in my line of the work, and his blog is even better. I give you David Crystal and the DCblog – the work of legend.

Last in my picks from 2008 has to be the BBC Internet Blog. It’s not for everyday viewing, but for information about the latest changes to the BBC iPlayer including the iPlayer labs, it is the bees knees. There are also useful insights in BBC HD, which despite being a traditional TV channel falls under the ‘future media’ BBC brand and therefore reports to the ‘internet’ team.

If you aren’t sure of the easiest way to keep on top of these, then it has to be Google Reader.


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